Margie Smith DC
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Creating a Stress-free Chiropractic Practice to Fit Your Lifestyle

Chiropractic practice has significantly changed over the decades. With mounting student loan debt, the inability to obtain business capital, and low salary options for associates, what is a Doctor of Chiropractic supposed to do to thrive in practice and keep up with the demands of life? Even more, how do you do achieve this without it being a high-stress practice? Join Dr.


Lisa Thomson DC, CFMP, CME

Ankle Mobility – Improving Function From the Ground Up

Are you checking your patients ankle mobility? Dysfunctional ankle mobility and function can throw the body completely off balance. In this one hour lecture you will get a review of the ankle anatomy and the cascade of problems that a dysfunctional ankle can lead to. You will learn simple functional movement tests you can do to determine how well the ankle is functioning as well as some hands-on treatment options. Ankle mobility is vital to proper movement and function.


Lori Wallace, President of igMedical Direct Search

Mindful Interviewing Skills – How to Make a Meaningful Connection

Interviewing is fraught with tension and anxiety – it’s not a natural process. In order to transform the experience into one that instead is empowering and successful each time, we will explore the truth behind interviewing, namely that it’s not about “performing” but rather it is about the mindful practice of connecting authentically and exploring what’s possible.


Mark Weideman, Principal at Weideman Group

Legislative & Regulatory Update

Mark Weideman, Principal at Weideman Group and lead legislative advocate for CalChiro, will be discussing policy and politics. His update will include a legislative overview, regulatory overview, upcoming elections, political engagement and strategy moving forward.


Wayne Whalen DC, Tami Auerbach DC, Lorena Garza Esq & Christian Chambers Esq

Back to Basics QME Re-certification Program

This year we return to the important issues that determine whether your reports are substantial medical evidence, and whether attorneys select you over a different QME. We will review the important elements of the history, common error in apportionment and rating determination, and other factors that affect your report. Please bring your tough cases and questions so we can help you.


John Young MD
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Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Young, founder of Young Foundational Health Center, has been the innovator in performing stem cell therapy. Today’s stem cell therapy offers hope to many patients. Stem cell therapy can regenerate and repair muscle, bone cartilage, tissue and tendons. It can encourage healing and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Stem cells can strengthen the immune system and patients may avoid painful surgeries.