Kimberly Goreham

Chiro Rockstar – Chiropractic Assistant Program

Want a self motivated, enthusiastic and higher earning team? She will provide all the tips, scripts and systems you’ll need to serve more people, make more money for the practice and have more fun! Kimberly Goreham has trained chiropractors, teams and students for 25 years and is the Founder/CEO of Chiro Rockstar Marketing.


Tom Grant Jr. DC
Sponsored by Pragma Intel

How to Select the Best ICD-10 Codes for Your PI Patient

PI insurer medical management software is programmed to deny injury care if the correct code-coupling isn’t followed. The code-coupling they are using is not based on healthcare patterns. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s more important than ever to learn how insurer software is being utilized to downgrade and deny Chiropractic care and related reimbursements.


Chris Greene DC

Chris Greene DC

A Spoonful of Sugar – How Metabolic Syndrome Removes the Bitterness of Documentation and Can Boost Your Practice


Adam Harcourt DC, DACNB

Mastering Migraine: Understanding the pathophysiology of migraine
and how chiropractic fits in

Currently, migraine is a universally misunderstood and mistreated chronic condition. Thanks to brand new, comprehensive research on the subject, Dr. Harcourt will discuss why migraines have remained so difficult to treat and why chiropractors should be one of the primary doctors managing these patients.


Stuart Hoffman DC
Sponsored by ChiroSecure

An Ethical, Risk Management Approach to Addressing Common Claims and Understanding the Stroke Issue

Walking the fine line between ethics and philosophy – making sure your philosophical motives don’t conflict with the rightness and wrongness of your actions. Using Informed Consent as a communication vehicle rather than just a signed document. This class provides an integrated education on the most common issues, claims, and board complaints.


Antonio Jimenez MD, ND, CNC
Sponsored by Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

 Immunotherapy & The 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy

Renowned physician, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, leverages over 25 years of experience in integrative cancer medicine to help us understand the vital connection between the immune system and cancer development. Eliminating immune system dysfunction is deeply integrated into his practical, solution-oriented integrative cancer treatment philosophy – The Seven Key Principles of Cancer TherapyTM. Methods to directly modulate the immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer cells will be discussed.


Kurt Juergens DC, CCSP
Sponsored by Foot Levelers Inc.

Sports Rehab

Join Dr. Juergens, sports injury expert, to get the tools you need to operate a Sports Chiropractic Practice. Learn how to develop relationships of trust with other healthcare professionals. Learn your role as a member of a sports medicine team. Gain an understanding of health issues affecting the young athlete. Become familiar with special considerations regarding the female athlete. Learn how and when to co-manage common and uncommon lower extremity conditions/injuries. Learn sideline functional testing for returning the athlete to competition.


Sana U. Khan MD, PhD
Sponsored by Expert MRI

Imaging and its Relevance to Your Practice

In medical legal cases (personal injury/workers’ compensation, etc …) doctors often rely on results of an MRI test to determine treatment direction. In addition, claim administrators, attorneys, judges and juries rely heavily on validation of injury in a litigated case. This lecture will focus on whether an MRI can be false negative and, if so, how it affects patient care and case management.


Alexis Lignos, Marketing Director, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
Sponsored by Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

How to Improve SEO Through Content Marketing

This class will offer greater understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to improve your practices’ online visibility through content marketing. A number of brand-new Foundation marketing resources, including a new “How-to” guide focused specifically on SEO, that will help to inspire patients, build your practice and advance the chiropractic profession will be reviewed.


Matthew Loop DC

The Instagram and Facebook Practice Growth Blueprint for Chiropractors

In this class you’ll learn how to attract an extra 40+ new patients per month from the world’s largest social and photo sharing networks. You’ll also discover the biggest mistakes chiropractors make when using these powerful platforms. These pitfalls can hurt your brand and make you look unprofessional. Lastly, you’ll find out how to establish yourself as a local celebrity health expert so others get to know, like, and trust you faster.


Mitch Mally DC
Sponsored by Multi Radiance Medical

Mitch Mally DC

The Functional Facts & Fictional Fantasies of Plantar Fasciitis

By popular demand, Dr. Mally returns to speak for CalChiro with another high energy, content rich, and educational presentation featuring the truths and myths relative to accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehab for one of the most common foot conditions, Plantar Fasciitis. Attendees will be astounded at the antiquated and various protocols NEWLY replaced by evidence based rationale.


Sponsored by Accurate Medical Billing & Audit

Proper and Ethical Billing

Is what the insurance companies do even legal?  What do you do when you have submitted the claim to the insurance company and they either don’t pay, or they don’t pay what they are supposed to?  Mr. Martinez will answer your questions about billing, group insurance and properly coding for Medicare.


William C. Meeker DC, MPH, President, Palmer College of Chiropractic West
Sponsored by Palmer College of Chiropractic West

News from the 2018 Palmer/Gallup Research Survey of the American Public

The following questions will be answered: What do Americans know about chiropractic? What experiences do chiropractic patients report? How does chiropractic care compare to other forms of spinal care? What are the barriers and facilitators of chiropractic services? What changes can the chiropractic profession expect?


Anthony Morovati DC, DAAPM

Proper Diagnosis of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction

Dr. Morovati was privileged to have studied Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction and attended workshops taught by Janet Travell, M.D. In the last 28 years of practice, he has formulated a science-based approach with specific protocols, utilizing these methods to validate the effects of chiropractic. His patient base consists of medical professionals, athletes, actors and rock stars and many who have tried other providers such as allopathic, osteopathic, acupuncture and physical therapy.


Jamie P. Motley MS, DC, DACBR

Common Radiographic Diagnoses in Chiropractic Practice

This course is designed to revisit common diagnoses in musculoskeletal imaging. The course is aimed at expanding upon topics related to the historical presentation, radiographic, and clinical considerations associated with common findings on imaging examinations.


Ali Nikoopour, Sr. Business Development Manager, ChiroMatrix
Sponsored by ChiroMatrix

3 Common Marketing Challenges of Chiropractors and How to Fix Them

Chiropractors are faced with many challenges every day, but your website and online marketing should not be one of them! In this educational presentation, we will examine some of the common online marketing struggles chiropractors encounter and how to overcome them to achieve a profitable and successful practice. Join me to learn which marketing tools you need to have in your arsenal, marketing fixes to your common problems, as well as which online marketing approach is right for you.


Ron Oberstein DC, President, Life Chiropractic College West
Sponsored by Life Chiropractic College West

Salutogenesis & Chiropractic: A Coherent Approach to the Science, Philosophy, and Art of Chiropractic

Salutogenesis – a focus on good health and the resources to achieve it – is gaining strength in the United States. Chiropractic has always taken a salutogenic stance from the beginning. Dr. Ron Oberstein examines the salutogenic Chiropractic health approach and explains how the profession can be a major force in improving societal health.


Gerred Popejoy DC & Robert Dubro DC
Sponsored by Nordic Walking Nations






Nordic Pole Walking

Nordic Pole Walking is a full body aerobic cross motor exercise creating better brain function and balance. It also has many stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises increasing flexibility, balance and endurance. It provides twice the health benefits of regular walking in half the time, but giving you the same health benefits of swimming. Our home program has a 75% compliance rate giving patients purpose and hope for recovery.


Matt Prados
Sponsored by Review Wave

Chiropractors Prejudged and Online Reviews

Chiropractors: Prejudgements Are Killing Your Practice Numbers! People prejudge you every day with stereotypes like “Used Car Salesmen”, “Not A Real Doctor”, “Quack” and more… You are judged #1 as a part of chiropractic and #2 as an individual chiropractic office. The Question is HOW DO WE CHANGE THAT? Come learn how. (Non-CE)


Joseph P. Smith DC, DIBAK, DACNB
Sponsored by Apex Energetics

Inflammation, Food Sensitivities, Hormones and Chiropractic Care: Breaking the Vicious Cycle

This unique class is designed to educate the healthcare professional in understanding clinical strategies to differentiate and recognize inflammation, food sensitivities, hormones and intolerances as it relates to common musculoskeletal and chronic conditions. A systemic review of the latest literature on the mechanisms leading to various types of food sensitivities and the direct impact on neuroendocrine immunology.