William Meeker, DC, MPH
Chiropractic Research and Policy Developments That Can Help You Now


Keynote Speaker

William Meeker, DC, MPH

Sponsored by Palmer College of Chiropractic West​

The Chiropractic profession is entering a new historical phase as a result of current developments. These include:

  1. Opportunities and challenges regarding the pain epidemic in the US, and the attendant overuse and abuse of opioid and other drugs;
  2. New attitudes, dialogs, policies, and regulations that are redefining the healthcare practice environment;
  3. Cutting-edge research that demonstrates the value of chiropractic care;
  4. Surprising results from the most recent Palmer/Gallup Survey of American’s views on chiropractic;
  5. Interdisciplinary practice models that are starting to make a difference.
  6. This presentation will explain how these developments are currently impacting chiropractic and lead a discussion on how practices could evolve as a result.

Join Dr. Meeker at 8:00am on Sunday, November 24.