Tim Gay DC


Questions & Answers for Starting a New Practice

Interested in becoming an Associate or an Independent Contractor? Then Dr. Timothy Gay’s class is a must attend! He will provide the ins and outs of leasing space, financing a practice, and how to develop your community marketing to build your practice clientele. Dr. Gay is a seasoned doctor of Chiropractic health and wellness, founder of Ultimate Practice, author, and an international speaker.

Creating the Indispensable Chiropractic Assistant

Dr. Gay is a Chiropractic Administrative Trainer that will make learning both educational and entertaining. Some of the topics include: why the role of the CA is vital to creating an efficient and effective chiropractic practice; educating patients about the importance of chiropractic care, and essential tips about patient procedures, billing, and collections. This class will be packed with information you can use immediately in your practice.