Michael Coates, Esq
The Ethics of Personal Injury


Michael Coates, Esq

The violation of ethics along with poor business practices often goes hand-in-hand, and personal injury is no different.  The ethical fouls by insurers, patients, attorneys and providers is extensive yet can be either avoided or limited. With a better understanding of the ethical rules and laws, the “why’s” involved, a greater ability to spot the problems, and then methods to proactively address the ethical fouls, there can be a true win-win-win between the attorney, patient and medical provider in personal injury, ethically.  This presentation educates about each of these areas, along with the importance of proper processes, procedures, documentation and full transparency which are the foundation of ethical compliance. 

Michael Coates is a California attorney and is the founder/president of Medical Lien Recovery (MLR) which helps California medical providers optimize their compensation from a patient’s personal injury lawyer.  He has been on a mission to champion the rights of Chiropractors who accept liens in personal injury matters.  Through in-depth education, continuous support and devoted advocacy MLR supplies the knowledge, tools and services that changes the dynamics of personal injury settlement, reduces stress and improves the bottom line of its clients.

Mr. Coates will be speaking Sunday, November 24.​