Freddys X. Garcia, DC, MS, FACFN, DACNB
Intro to Pain Reset Chiropractic & Clinical Neuroscience for Solving Chronic Pain


Carrick Institute Faculty​

This 4-hour workshop has been designed to give participants insights into how understanding Pain Neuroscience along with the application of clinical neuroscience in the chiropractic setting can be used to solve chronic pain. Dr. Garcia will guide you on this journey focusing on the elements of the nervous system that are involved in pain processing and how dysfunction in areas of the brain contribute to both altered biomechanics and the chronic pain experience. More importantly Dr. Garcia will emphasize the connection between your neurological observations and how they influence the type of treatment you would give your patient.

Dr. Garcia will be speaking Saturday, January 25 for 4 general CE hours.​

Freddys X. Garcia, DC, MS, FACFN, DACNB