Fascial Remedies for the Chiropractic Practice
Sunday, May 22


SPEAKER: Jeffrey Tucker DC, DACRB

Sponsored by: Zimmer MedizinSystems

In this lecture/workshop participants will learn how Dr. Jeffrey Tucker has evolved his practice of treating fascial dysfunction, while using modern technology modalities (shockwave, laser, TECAR, LymphaTouch, PEMF, etc.), biohacking, nutrients, soft tissue therapy, manipulation, and of course exercise to impact healing, body composition, and performance.

You will get the inside look at an evidence-based approach + experience + patient preference on recommendations for diet, biohacking, supplements, and exercise that helps patients achieve their goals for decreased pain, stiffness, health optimization and longevity. Dr. Tucker will present his functional physical examination, movements for improving posture and fascial flexibility, and the current modalities he is using. All this in a workshop fashion.