Weideman COVID-19 Update
May 21, 2021


Open Up that Golden State!

California health officials announced today that conditions have been met for the state to fully reopen on June 15th. Aligning with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, businesses will be able to reopen without COVID-19 mitigation efforts and fully vaccinated individuals will not need to wear masks in most situations. California is now poised to move past the colored tier system under the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. The state has administered more than 35 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines and continues to have the lowest transmission and case rates in the country. Ten counties are currently in the red substantial tier, 35 counties are in the orange moderate tier, 13 counties are in the minimal yellow tier, and no counties are in the most restrictive purple tier. Recently, the California workplace safety board postponed their vote on whether employees can return to the workplace without social distancing or face coverings if everyone is vaccinated. The vote was postponed because Cal/OSHA is revising the proposal to take into consideration the changes coming on June 15th.

Don’t Leave us on Suspense

The Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees held their Suspense File hearing yesterday and collectively took action on over 800 bills. All bills identified as containing over $150,000 in costs are referred to the Suspense File where we often see expensive bills or particularly controversial bills meet their demise without public debate. Even so, hundreds of bills were passed by the committees, including SB 2 (Bradford) creating a robust process for police decertification, SB 380 (Eggman) improving access to the End of Life Option Act, and AB 1130 (Wood) establishing the Office of Health Care Affordability. Additionally, a number of bills seeking to advance emerging renewable technologies and zero carbon resources moved forward, including SB 18 (Skinner) on green hydrogen, AB 525 (Chiu) on offshore wind and SB 423 (Stern) supporting a wider range of zero carbon resources. Both houses will hold marathon floor sessions over the next couple of weeks to pass bills before the House of Origin deadline on June 4th.

Employer Vaccination Toolkit 

California has launched a tool to help employers get their employees vaccinated. The Employer Vaccination Toolkit links employers with available sites and even assists in requesting a worksite mobile clinic to vaccinate employees. The toolkit also features best practices on how to promote COVID-19 vaccines among employees. More information about the toolkit can be found here.

Assembly District 54 Special Election

Voters took to the polls to cast their vote for now Senator Sydney Kamlager’s successor in Assembly District 54. Votes are still being counted but Democratic candidate Isaac Bryan, founding director of the UCLA Black Policy Project, currently holds the lead with 49.6% of the vote. If he is able to secure 50% + 1 of the vote he will win the seat outright and avoid a runoff election.