URGENT ALERT: The Latest Scam on Medical Providers


The following applies mostly to those who provide some or a lot of treatment and especially in a mixed-use practice – Workers’ Compensation, Commercial/Group, Medicare, Auto and Private Pay.

Medical practice owners and office managers all know that your billing staff or billing service is a fierce defender of your interests. They are your eyes and ears, keeping a close watch on collections, cash flow and anything that might disrupt them.  They are on the front line of financial success or failure. They tenaciously guard your livelihood. Their working day (and sometimes night) is full of monitoring accounts receivable, billing accuracy and collection efforts.

Only sometimes are these same individuals or entities authorized to sign payer or middlemen contracts on your behalf, and if so, only after a “corporate” decision is made to do so.

That is why it’s so puzzling that Direct Pay, a Nevada company, would try to “slip one past your goalie” with the latest scam on medical providers, CLICK HERE to view.

The scam involves a $15 check which comes in the mail just like hundreds of other payments and EOBs do every month. Direct Pay figures the odds are good that some offices might tear off the check and scan it directly into their bank account because it looks like an insurance payment.   

The catch is, by “cashing” the check, the practice signs itself up to a steep discount below current payment levels; oftentimes a 35% discount from fee schedule rates!!  Also, it can place liens on the practice receivables. To date, the scam is known to have been attempted against physical therapist practices and other ancillary providers. Our warning to you is be vigilant. 

Not wanting to wait for the scam to spread, we are taking a few minutes to put out a warning about this trick. If you discover an attempt against your practice by Direct Pay it will be helpful to know how to contact the organization directly: 

Emails can be sent to Lindsay Conrad: lconrad@trpndirectpay.com
By phone: 702-834-3435

If Direct Pay attempts to victimize your practice, please let me know via email: dbenton@calchiro.org. We’ll be contacting the authorities.

Other questions?  Please do not hesitate to call or email.