Updated COVID-19 Advice Notice
World Federation of Chiropractic - June 15, 2020


Dear Colleagues and Friends
We are pleased to share with you this updated advice note, which contains the latest information and advice from World Health Organization sources.
The world continues to fight the spread of COVID-19. As of today’s date, WHO is reporting 7.69 million confirmed cases and over 427,000 deaths. Public health agencies and governments have taken robust actions to limit transmission and save lives.
As primary contact, portal of entry practitioners, chiropractors have a role to play in this global effort. We are aware of tremendous efforts being made by our national associations and their memberships to tackle the effects of the pandemic, as well as the distress that this has caused to our global chiropractic community and the populations they serve.
This updated advice note has been composed in the knowledge that many chiropractors are returning to practice and that the new normal is extremely challenging in terms of the modifications to clinical practice. For that reason we have focused on WHO’s recent updates on the subject of masks and face coverings, but have also reviewed other WHO advice and invite you to access further resources using the hyperlinks where indicated.
We urge compliance with WHO advice as well as the advice of governments and health agencies in your own jurisdiction. We know that evidence is evolving rapidly and that scientists throughout the world are working day and night to find ways of treating and preventing further spread. Let’s all play our part and fulfil our duty to work collaboratively and be responsible public health advocates in protecting our communities. Our actions will save lives.
With best wishes

Richard Brown DC, LL.M, FRCC