I have been in private practice since 1995 and transitioned my student membership to that of a full member in that year. I have served in all leadership positions in the North Bay district and have been serving as a CalChiro Director both before and after the Board restructuring. I presently serve as the Treasurer of CalChiro and would like to continue doing so for another term.

My philosophy as to the primary function of the CalChiro is simple: To protect the practice rights of all chiropractors in California to the extent that their practice is legal, ethical, and in the best interests of the patient. To that end, the financial stability of our association is critical. CalChiro has made numerous cost saving changes over the past few years and has been working toward increasing the portion of our income that comes in from non-dues based revenue streams. We have been able to transition from an association with annual losses to one that outperforms our projected financial budget. Due to the shut down last year, we were unable to realize some of our income goals. However, with California opening back up, we are moving forward with in-person meetings and are expecting to strengthen CalChiro’s financial position.

My goal as a Treasurer is to ensure we are deriving benefit from the money we spend, protect our funds from being spent unwisely and ensure our financial stability so that we can provide value to our members as well as our profession as a whole.

I appreciate the faith CalChiro has placed in me in the past and would ask for your vote,

Casey Tucker DC
CalChiro Board Treasurer 2019-21