Thomas N. Truax Award



The CalChiro Thomas N. Truax Award awarded to the CalChiro member or another person in the legislative arena who has shown exceptional dedication to governmental affairs and/or political action that supports the Chiropractic profession.

Current Recipient

2021: Kathleen S. Doyle, DC

Past Recipient

2020: Meg Spicer, DC

2019: William Updyke, DC

2018: David Paris, DC

2017: Clifford Tao, DC 

2016: Wayne Whalen, DC

2015: No Award Given

2014: Kathleen Kendra, DC

2013: Eric Mumbauer, DC

2012: Kassie Donoghue, DC

2011: No Award Given

2010: Chris Braun, DC

2009: Stephen Barkalow, DC

2008: Robb Russell, DC

2007: Robert Chatfield, DC

2006: Robert Dubro, DC

2005: Donald Ringer, DC

2004: William Updyke, DC

2002: Eric Mumbauer, DC