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DC’s can Increase Treatment Revenue While Sheltering-In-Place. 

These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 global pandemic and the government actions have created deep concern and caused a fearful and reactive public. The shelter-in-place and quarantines can be worrisome for business and some states have shut down regular access to Chiropractic services. Whether it’s the shutdown measures or just plain fear, people are not getting out to see us! 

Time to fix this problem! I have turned to a coding and billing expert who teaches insurers how to audit medical records. With her skills we can stay complaint and profitable. 

Here’s an amazing opportunity I am offering. I have recorded a FREE webinar to help you get started or updated on the right information. 

It is my sincere wish that you develop your niche in chiropractic telehealth care, serving the needs of your community, your family and your clinic!

Click HERE to watch the webinar now. 

All the Best,

Tom Grant Jr., DC

Director of Education, Med-legal Consultant

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