San Diego County



San Diego County District is located the southernmost area of California, covering from Oceanside to Imperial Beach.

Candidates for San Diego Board President

Mehrak Assadian, DC 

Candidate Statement: I am honored to be nominated by the board of directors of the California Chiropractors Association for the position of the President of the San Diego County district.

I have been involved with CalChiro through different task forces at the state level, most recently as the Chair for the post Covid-19 task force.  In that position, I organized a team of 20 members from all views of chiropractic together to provide guidance quickly and effectively to chiropractors on the best practices to move forward in the uncertainty of the current pandemic.  This year, I was also privileged to be the recipient of the Robert Botterman Award by the CalChiro Board of Directors. 

As a graduate of Southern California University of Health Sciences, I have witnessed an extreme fluctuation over the last 20 years in how treatment and practices have been executed because of the restrictions and nominal provisions by the state since my graduation from the institution. I would like to engage with our community of DC’s to unite us in way that we can become motivated regarding our logistics and current challenges.

We need to help and support each other during these difficult times. CalChiro has been there at the state level informing us via email and through online webinars and distance learning for their members.  At the district level, there are several considerations that should be discussed to conform to the current needs of our members. Many people in our district have felt overlooked and desire to participate and be more active than in times past.  I would like to develop mentors for our newer doctors to improve relationship voids and increase the transferring of wisdom, as well as revive the community that we once had back to San Diego. By doing this, my goal is to invigorate and motivate our district and increase membership.  As President, I would like for us to invoke fresh ideas, increase participation, and solicit future contributions to further enhance and develop our organization’s model. Ultimately, my hope is to introduce novel solutions, and to provide more effective resources to ALL San Diego Chiropractors.  

The chiropractic industry has changed tremendously. We now have chiropractors working in different integrated settings such as the VA, medical clinics, and in-house chiropractors for variety of companies. We have professional chiropractors that treat elite athletes that participate in the United States Olympics and support their committee.  Our purpose is to support our future graduates and assist them in their career endeavors.    

I work in an integrated health care clinic in a multidisciplinary environment.  I am an effective communicator full of zest and truly enjoy working in this field to obtain the best results for our patients. Our district can achieve and accomplish these goals with dedicated teamwork and communication. I believe that change can be effective whenever the common goals are established and understood by all. The way to obtain that change is by identifying the problematic and underlying factors that inhibit progress. The team must be willing to provide solutions and seek to advance our mentalities towards a 21st century partnership, which includes advanced technologies and furthering our developed practices. I also believe in inclusivity, diversity, and justice. 

I believe that the future of our chiropractic industry is effervescent and by uniting our ideals here in San Diego, we can overcome greater challenges and create better opportunities. By voting for me, you will be voting for unity, new leadership that represents all San Diego Chiropractors. 


Cameron Sutter, DC

Candidate Statement: I am honored and grateful to be selected by the nomination committee as one of the two candidates running for the CalChiro President position.  I have been a CalChiro member since graduating Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2004. My wife, Dr. Ivana Nedic, and I have been regularly involved as CalChiro members, advocating for our profession at the Capitol, attending local district meetings, and supporting the organization through variety of our resources. During the last 15 years of our practice, local district meetings have been an invaluable resource for our professional development through guidance, motivation and support received from its members, speakers, and leaders. We cherish the fellowship and true friendships that have developed through our local San Diego Chapter.  We had a community in which we found a family!

San Diego is blessed by a large, diverse, talented, successful, novice and seasoned community of Chiropractors. Despite the challenges of the past in our local chapter, we now have a necessary and fruitful opportunity to rebuild! Our local chapter is to become our village again! A place where we can build on our successes, learn from our challenges, and turn to each other for fellowship!  My primary commitment and mission are to reconnect the diverse community of San Diego Chiropractors though a common goal of authenticity, support and appropriate legislative evolvement aimed at protecting our rights to serve. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone: If you want to go far; go together!’’- This is one of our family’s core values, a life lesson that my wife and I tirelessly work on instilling in our young boys.  Togetherness- at times challenging and messy, but absolutely necessary for each one of us to go further in our pursuit of fulfillment. As a CalChiro President, togetherness will be a core value in my leadership! Like a family, diversity will make us richer, commitment to each other will make us stronger! Together, diverse but unified, we will go further! Together, diverse but unified, we will band to protect our ability to serve our patients. Together, diverse but unified, we will inspire and support the next generation of chiropractors! Together, diverse but unified, we will be a fellowship! 

As a CalChiro President, I will work to revitalize our San Diego Chapter; build an authentic community of support; build a mentoring system within our local chapter so our seasoned Doctors can help educate and elevate our new generation of chiropractors.  

My wife and I we would not be where we are today without having had the support, leadership, and education from our fellow DCs.  CalChiro played a big part in our evolution as Doctors and as human beings. I love chiropractic! Chiropractic has given me a life with purpose, a beautiful family and an incredibly opportunity to give back to my community!  Together- diverse and unified- with passion and commitment a new San Diego village of Chiropractors will be build and being a leader in this mission will be a great honor!