Robert B Botterman Award



The Robert B. Botterman Award is presented to the member who has done the most for the image of chiropractic in the community.

Current Recipient

William DeMoss, DC

Dr. Bill DeMoss received the Robert B. Botterman Award for his impact on the image of chiropractic in the community. And with upwards of 3,000 people at his premier event, Cal Jam,  he continues to bridge the gap between the message of the chiropractor and the general public. CalJam is the brainchild of Dr. DeMoss’ life mission to get people to understand chiropractic for its potential in the healthcare arena. He does this with a sought after and a sometimes controversial line up of icons in health care, politics, and pharmacological professions melding science and research with philosophical tents and good old fashioned rock and roll.

Past Recipients

2016- William DeMoss, DC

2015- Jason Deitch, DC

2014- Leslie Hewitt, DC

2013- Darrel Crain, DC

2012- James Carter, DC

2011- Ed Le Cara, DC

2010- Robert Dubro, DC

2009- Randy Jones, DC

2008- Bradley Glowacki, DC

2007- Robert Martines, DC

2006- David Paris, DC

2002- David Hoewisch, DC


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