Quartermaster Tax Management
Pro-active Tax Planning Firm


The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) announces an opportunity for its members to work with Quartermaster Tax Management and help reduce their tax burden.

“We (Quartermaster Tax Management) are a pro-active tax planning firm that works specifically with chiropractors to help reduce their tax burden. Since we only work with Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs), we have become experts in identifying the unique tax situations that chiropractors struggle with and have come alongside them to help! On average we help our DCs save between 30-50% on their taxes and the best part is that we do not require that they change their CPA! As an added value, all CalChiro members receive a free tax x-ray that allows us to see a general view of their tax situation and how we can best help them. This x-ray is normally a $500 value but we offer it free to all CalChiro members.”

“Most DCs are overpaying on their taxes by 30-50%. Quartermaster Tax Management offers a FREE Tax X-ray to all CalChiro members to help you find out how much you’re overpaying. Your personalized presentation will include information on how to reduce your tax burden and keep more of the money you worked hard for in your pocket. To schedule your free personal tax x-ray, please call our office: 704-490-4111.”

Through this collaborative initiative, all CalChiro members are granted:

  • A FREE personal Tax X-ray - Call 704-490-4111