Quarantine & Social Media – 5 Easy Things You Can do Today to Expand Your Reach and Patient Acquisition in Facebook
Vivid Social - June 18, 2020


Now more than ever you need to be active in social media, and specifically on Facebook – the world’s more popular social network.  Views on Facebook have doubled during the Covid-19 quarantine as people are looking for connections and relying on social media platforms to help replace the lack of in-person interactions.

In fact, 75% of Facebook users check in at least once a day.  They are reading other people’s posts and being introduced to new brands and services every day.  This is a great opportunity to get noticed and expand your network through your followers – meaning, you can get more patients like the ones you already have if you post educational and entertaining content that people share.

1. Let Patients Know You’re Open for Business

Since each state and even county might have a different policy with respect to treating patients during the quarantine, many people might be confused whether you’re open for business or not, and whether they can make an appointment.  Don’t rely solely on email to keep them informed.  Social media is the most immediate way to give updates on the status of your clinic and the protocols for appointments.

2. Go Beyond Chiropractic, and Educate Your Patients on Whole-Body Health

Patients come to you for knowledge and social media allows you to continue that education well beyond the appointment.  Share informative articles that go beyond just the benefits of chiropractic – and instead address whole-body health.  Articles on good nutrition, stretching, and posture tips are some of our most popular posts.  And the more interesting and educational the posts, the more likely your follower will share to his/her network.

3. Ask Your Patients to Follow You on Facebook – Give Them a Reason

Give your patients a good reason to follow you on Facebook.  For example, provide exclusive content on the best stretches for a tight IT band, or a video demonstrating a great stretch, or a recipe for an avocado dressing that promotes a healthy gut.  Ask them to follow you and pledge to give them great content in return!

4. Post When Your Audience Is Online

According to Sprout Social, the quarantine has changed the time of day most people are on social media. The best times to post on Facebook are Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 11am, with the peak being 11am.  Sprout notes that there is a significant drop off in usage at 5pm and beyond as people are juggling home life with their mobile-office situation.

5. Ask Your Office Staff to Like and Share Your Clinic’s Posts

One of the best ways to expand your clinic reach and awareness beyond your current followers is to have others share your posts.  Ask your staff members to check in once a day and like and share the posts from your clinic.  It only takes a few minutes, and the impact can be significant.