Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME)


What is a QME?

The Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) is an appointed position through the State of California.  The organization that regulated QMEs is the Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).  Doctors interested in appointment as a QME must pass the QME Competency Examination.  The QME exam is offered two times a year– in March and September.  Historically, the exam is administered by the DWC in both Northern and Southern California.  Interested parties should contact the DWC to request a copy of the QME Competency Examination packet by calling 800.794.6900.

What are the requirements to renew a QME?

For renewal, QMEs must take 12 hours of DWC approved QME continuing education every two years.

For more information contact the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers’ Compensation, DWC Medical Unit at www.dir.ca.gov/IMC or 800.794.6900.