Pure Life Sciences Corp.


CalChiro is excited to present another Virtual Vendor Friday with Pure Life Science, the maker of Pure Form Omega® Natural. Pure Form Omega® Natural is an all organic, plant-based fatty acid supplement that improves health of cellular membranes for the entire body. It is cold-pressed under a blanket of nitrogen and contains a nitrogen bubble in each capsule to ensure that exposure to oxygen (and hence oxidation or rancidity) is minimized. It is produced under strict GMP protocols to ensure optimal freshness of the product and does not use preservatives or antioxidants. It is weight-based dosing so that all patients can feel a difference regardless of size. It has no significant side effects or toxicity issues and is safe for all ages and all mammals. It can be comfortably advised for any client and the clients results will speak for themselves. Most will notice a difference within 2 to 4 weeks. 

Pure Form Omega® Natural is one of the few supplements on the market that focuses on cellular membrane health. While everyone else focuses on pathways, we at Pure Life Science believe that without healthy cell structure, optimal health cannot be achieved. The performance of our cells are dependent on a functioning membrane. All critical cellular reactions occur on the membrane, from mitochondrial membrane to cell nucleus membrane to the membrane of the cell itself. All receptors depend on a healthy cell membrane for optimal function. There cannot be cellular health without membrane health, “Life starts in the membrane”! At Pure Life Science, we believe that Pure Form Omega is insanely good for the membrane!

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • Membrane is critical for all receptor function
  • Mitochondrial reactions all take place on the membrane
  • The oxygen carrying capacity of the cell membrane is tremendously under appreciated in today’s scientific literature

Pure Life Science will also be offering a couple giveaways too!

THREE LIVE attendees will Win 2 Free Bottles of Pure Form Omega Natural (Value: $79.90)

AND the first SIX customers* to use the coupon code* that Dr. Jeff Matheson mentions during the live call will receive 12 Bottles (1 Case) of Pure Form Omega Liquid FREE with their first wholesale order (Value: $443.40)

CLICK HERE to register.

*The code will be revealed at the end of the live call so anyone who watches it on the replay can also use the code but only if they’re one of the first 6 people to redeem the code.

Questions regarding the presentation? Contact Nicole Ortega, CalChiro Marketing Strategist at nortega@calchiro.org.