• Must be an Active Member in good standing for the past five (5) consecutive years.
  • Must have served a full term as a member of CalChiro Board of Directors.
  • Experience as a past board member of some active organization preferred.
  • Experience as a CalChiro Delegate.
  • The President-Elect collaborates with the President to learn the role of the President, to become familiar with the programs of the Association and its governance, and to develop and facilitate officer transition. 
  • Assists and supports the President as needed and plans for the Presidential year. 
  • The President-Elect shall automatically become President at the end of the term as President-Elect. 
  • May perform the duties of the office of the President if the President is temporarily unable to do so.
  • Appoints all committee and task force chairs whose terms will take effect during his/her presidency.
  • Serves as liaison to one or more CalChiro districts.
  • Serves as liaison to one or more CalChiro committees and task forces.
  • Attends the Annual Conference, Legislative Day and other CalChiro activities.
  • Assists in promoting the CalChiro-PAC and educating members. 
  • Attends Orientation for CalChiro Committees and Task Forces, 1 day per year.
  • Attends District President Meetings
Time Commitment Estimate
  • The CalChiro President-Elect can expect to spend a minimum of 18-22 days attending CalChiro related meetings and performing CalChiro activities.
  • The CalChiro President-Elect can expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week reading CalChiro material, preparing for CalChiro activities and communicating with CalChiro members.