• Must be an Active Member in good standing.
  • Experience as a member of the CalChiro Board of Directors preferred
  • Experience as a CalChiro Delegate (when applicable)


  • Serves as the principal elected official of the Association and shall be so recognized at all Association affairs, programs and activities.
  • Presides over Board of Directors meetings as Vice Chair, (4 in-person meetings per year + strategic planning session)
  • Submits an annual report to the House of Delegates.
  • Preside at membership meetings
  • Serves as ex-officio member on all committees and task forces with the exception of the CalChiro Nominating Committee
  • May serve as liaison to CalChiro District(s)
  • Attends the Annual Conference, Legislative Day, and other CalChiro activities
  • Orients new board members in conjunction with EVP/CEO
  • Assists in promoting the CalChiro-PAC and educating members
  • Attends Orientation for CalChiro Committees and Task Forces, 1 day per year
  • Attends District President Meetings
  • Appoints an Association member to serve as a Faculty Student Liaison from the College of Chiropractic for each Student Chapter
  • Appoint all committee and task forces chairpersons and committee members. Chair appointments are subject to ratification by the Board of Directors
  • The President shall appoint a Public Corporate Director advisor
  • The President may delete, add or modify one or more district liaison assignments of the board members
  • The President or her/his designee serves as a spokesperson for the Association
  • Assigns a board representative as a liaison to each of the committees and task forces. 


  • The CalChiro President can expect to spend a minimum of 18 – 22 days attending CalChiro related meetings and performing CalChiro activities. An additional 3 – 4 days could be spent in “optional activities” if scheduling permits.
  • The CalChiro President can expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week reading CalChiro material, preparing for CalChiro activities and communicating with CalChiro members.