Practice For Sale (Out of State)


Boulder, CO- Sports Medicine Practice for Sale. Busy + Low Overhead

Get bang for your buck in a Top 10 sports town. Run, climb or ski minutes from the office. With over 7 ski areas nearby, including Vail, Keystone, and Breckenridge; join a famous town that has over 155 miles of trails in our Boulder Open Space alone. 

This office has hit full maturity and is being sold only due to pregnancy/family needs. This workaholic is ‘retiring.’ Hoping to find a doc to train/take over clients in July 2020 for assisted transition to you full time. Owner happy to stay on part-time for advanced ultrasound examinations or to help take overflow.  The perfect opportunity for a new doc to learn the ropes, have assistance when needed and to hit the ground running in a beautiful practice. Current doc building a house and moving hours away to a ski town within the next 2-5 years.

Receive a cash bonus of $2,500 once the sale is completed for brand new tools or upgrades to make this clinic yours. Clinic comes with a drop table, impulse tool, Erchonia Percussor vibrational tool, hot pack machine, and all the gadgets you need to help your clients to heal. Almost overhead free as most all of the utilities and rent is covered by quiet/happy renters in a relaxed and friendly work environment.

Patients self book and pay online. You just show up and casually work as many visits as you’d like to see in a day. 7 for a half day or 17 for a full day of clients on average) with the average visit pulling in $70 to $125. 

A recreation town you can retire in, take Wednesdays off and have it all, an amazing mountain view, clients who can afford your care, and the opportunity to fully enjoy your life! Head doc selling due to an upcoming child (mid September). She’d like to get you trained up by then, swapped over and in full swing by the end of July.


Multi-sport addicts. Weekend-warriors. Estimated breakdown:  25% neck pain. 40% shoulder and upper extremity clients, 25% knee and hip patients, 

10% Monthly Maintenance Care (auto-debit) clients. Almost all current clients are referrals! 

The usual visit consists of a blend of care (often chosen by patient). Clients relax with vibration tool or hot-pack therapy, 15 minutes of muscle work, acupuncture, exercises or manual therapy as needed. Clients book in 30, 45 or 1 hour blocks online. No phones to answer. No emails to respond to.  Patients can pay online if desired. Focus on clients and not paperwork.

Almost every new patient comments on how much they love the look and feel of our office!


Besides paying a tiny bit of rent, all patients pat at the time of service. Only 10% of clients have insurance billed. All of these clients pay ahead of time until their insurance begins sending checks. Bonus fearless transfer as this clinic has a positive cash flow without the owner even being in the office. 15% Insurance. 85% Cash. No employees, automated online booking and easy insurance billing system that is an affordable and not cost prohibitive.

Past Clinic History:

All 5-star reviews on Google, this clinic started with medical tents at tennis and climbing events. After 10 years, it is now the go to for upper arm and back injuries and boasts the ‘know how’ to fix many sports related injuries that fail care at other clinics. If you buy this clinic, you can call, email or ask me any questions to ensure our clients still get the best care long after I have retired. 

Boutique Clinic Features Include:

- 100% ideal natural light in the treatment rooms. oversized full-wall picture windows, and vaulted treatment room ceilings.

–  An entrance lined with signed photos by professional athletes and those athletes who have healed from our care

–  5 finished office treatment rooms, one with a sink. 

–  4 rooms filled with full- time renters (3 RMT, 1 Functional Med Doc). 

–  Additional cozy waiting room painstakingly designed and arranged by a interior designer.

Additional Business Statistics: 

-Stable income with sales within 5% of each other 2018 to 2019! Gross Profit 147,042 for 2019.

Total income 2018  $157k. 2019 $150k (Accident Jan/Feb- worked part time due to concussion)

Option of  3 months, 6 months or 1 year assistance with transition.

Call or email Dr. Lisa for more information 303-877-1458 or

Post Date: 1.28.2020