Passing Your Local & State Proclamations this September


Increasing visibility of chiropractic during the pandemic has never been more important. With 50 million chronic pain sufferers and mental health on the decline, informing your communities that drug-free chiropractic care is available to alleviate pain, enhance mind, body and spirit and most importantly, mitigate the opioid crisis, is key to a healthy and happy community.

F4CP needs your help to build chiropractic awareness at the grassroots level.

The first step is to contact your local legislative body (Board of Supervisor or City Council) requesting a proclamation in your city/town/state to designate September as Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month.

Customize the sample letter and attach the personalized proclamation. Send the two documents to your local legislative body this July.

CLICK HERE to download the letter template.

CLICK HERE to download the proclamation.