Outstanding New Practitioner



The CalChiro Outstanding New Practitioner Award is presented to the member doctor who has made outstanding contributions to CalChiro, local district and/or the community within the first 3 years of licensure.

Current Recipient

2021: Robert J. Butler, DC

Past Recipients

2020: Arash Aalem, DC

2019: Tyler Meier, DC

2018: Bek Jarzombek, DC & Meg Spicer, DC

2017: Mindi Jenti, DC

2016: Nathan Yeargin, DC

2015: Christopher Norton, DC

2014: No Award Winner

2013: Elizabeth Hoefer, DC

2012: Ian Davis Temayne, DC

2011: No Award Given

2010: Megan Mordcai

2009: Cathy Do, DC

2008: David Schlute, DC

2007: No Award Given

2006: No Award Given

2005: Maia James, DC

2004: Micahel Brunner, DC

2002: Kent Karras, DC