October 8, 2021
Weideman Group Weekly


Oil Spill

Southern California beaches are covered in crude oil after the rupture of a pipeline from an off-shore oil rig. Orange County beaches are currently closed as crews attempt to prevent further damage and clean up the spill. Governor Newsom has issued a state of emergency to support the response efforts, including deploying personnel from several state agencies like Fish & Wildlife, Office of Emergency Services, State Parks, and more. Local representatives have also been on the ground following the situation and local State Senator Min has announced that he would introduce legislation next session to end off-shore drilling in California state waters.

Signing Deadline Looms

Governor Newsom has until Sunday night to take action on remaining bills that are on his desk. The Governor recently signed a package of bills aimed at increasing college affordability, a package of bills promoting California’s renewable economy and SB 380 (Eggman) that significantly improves access to the End of Life Option Act. There are still several high profile bills on Newsom’s desk that we will report on next week.

COVID from North to South

California continues to lead the nation by having the lowest rates of COVID-19 infections. Geographic regions of the state are taking different steps they deem appropriate given their local COVID-19 numbers. San Francisco is moving to relax some of its masking rules starting October 15. The larger Bay Area region will ease mask rules once all municipalities have hit the CDC “moderate” tier for at least three weeks. Down South, Los Angeles passed an ordinance that will require all persons entering restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and gyms to show proof of vaccination for entry. Leaders have touted this rule as one aimed at protecting the public and encouraging more people to get vaccinated.

Holocaust and Genocide Education Council

Governor Newsom has launched a Council on Holocaust and Genocide Education that will focus on identifying resources that will be used to educate students about anti-semitism when incidents may occur on school campuses. The Council will be co-chaired by Senator Henry Stern, Attorney General Rob Bonta and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. The Council will also include additional members of the legislature, along with academic and community advocates.

Debt Ceiling Raised 

The U.S. Senate voted to temporarily raise the debt ceiling through early December. The move will allow the government to continue borrowing to cover debt and avoid defaulting, which experts say would throw the U.S. economy into crisis. While the deal with Republicans only lasts through December, it could give Senate Democrats time to adopt a longer term solution on the debt ceiling through the reconciliation process.