New Information Regarding Massage Therapy Use in Practice
California Massage Therapy Council - May 8, 2020


When Massage Therapists are allowed to return to work, what precautions should be taken to protect clients and themselves? 

The California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) believes that it has a role in educating the public in a way we have never done before, not only on the efficacy of massage, but the safety of the practice. There will most likely be protocols created and enforced by county health officials and, likely, statewide legislative mandates will be proposed, and an entire range of concerns will be discussed. We expect that CAMTC will play an important role in these discussions. It is currently too soon to make any predictions about what these protocols and practices will ultimately look like. CAMTC does anticipate that the protocols included in the “What You Need to Know About Coronavirus” document that CAMTC posted to their website on March 5, 2020, will be reviewed and an update will be provided to certificate holders when appropriate. 

I am a Massage Therapist who works for a physician or chiropractor providing massages. Can I provide massage now while working for them?

The Director of the California Department of Health Services has recently stated that CAMTC Certificate Holders who work for physicians or chiropractors that are resuming deferred or preventative health care services, based on the State’s new guidelines, may resume practice as long as the local jurisdiction also allows it to occur. Please see relevant guidelines HERE.

While the State is allowing deferred and preventative health care to occur, it has also acknowledged that cities and counties may be experiencing larger numbers of local outbreaks of coronavirus. Therefore, cities and counties have the authority to impose stricter restrictions that the State. If you are a Massage Therapist, please make sure that you are meeting State AND local requirements if you resume practicing for a physician or chiropractor. 

CLICK HERE to read this article on CAMTC’s website.