MCIC Update on How CalChiro is Working to Guide Chiropractors During Covid-19


The CalChiro team has been assembling documents from federal and state public health officers, administration officials and regulators to assist in guiding doctors of chiropractic during the Covid-19 crisis. Also, the team has been working with state officials on ensuring doctors of chiropractic are included in the definition of “essential” services to allow continued patient access to chiropractic offices and to ensure that the provider’s office is appropriately sanitized and other risk adverse procedures to flatten the outbreak of the virus. CalChiro is also developing guidelines related to telehealth, and again ensuring doctors of chiropractic are included in the category of providers available to provide these services. We have worked with regulators, malpractice insurance companies and again, public health officials and the Governor’s office to outline the services doctors of chiropractic are able to provide to in-shelter California residents through electronic platforms.

The legislature, boards and commissions have either cancelled or severely reduced their meeting activities. CalChiro has been actively monitoring these events and offering written and/or oral testimony at appropriate times. While legislative committees have been cancelled for the next several weeks, the Government Affairs team has been reviewing legislative proposals that may have an effect on the practice of chiropractic. To date, 45 proposals have been identified to review and in addition to review of the subject matter of the proposal, a priority rating of 1, 2, or 3 is attached to the bill and a determination of support, oppose, or watch that guides our advocacy activities.

The Governor’s budget included two proposals:

  1. The Healthcare Payments Data Program, and
  2. The Office of Health Care Affordability. CalChiro is currently reviewing these proposals to determine the impact, if any to doctors of chiropractic and any opportunities for appointment to either of these entities or work groups that may be formed as the proposals proceed through the budget process. As previously reported, the Healthy California for All Commission is exploring some of these concepts in their deliberations and likely at some point collaboration of these ideas will be developed.