Managed Care & Insurance Committee Chair
Dr. Tracy Cole


As the new chair of the Managed Care and Insurance Committee, I am pleased to continue with the work started by our previous Chair and current CalChiro Board member, Lloyd Friesen DC. The pathway has already been set and our goals are to continue to advocate for members with their insurance challenges. We are currently approaching governmental regulators at both a State and Federal level with specific examples of discriminatory practices. As always, if any members have documentation of such practices, they are strongly encouraged to forward that information to our committee. We are only as effective as the level of support that we get from members. 

Additionally, we will be reaching out to decision makers of Medi-Cal managed care organizations that do not include chiropractic care as part of our efforts to expand chiropractic access to adults in the Medi-Cal program. With Medi-Cal now covering larger swaths of the population in California, and with over 80% of those enrollees covered by a managed care plan, we can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and ignore this segment of the population. Together with the assistance of the Governmental Affairs committee, our goal this year is to restore adult benefits as well as eliminate the 2 visit per month cap in the Medi-Cal program.