June 17, 2022
Weideman Group Weekly


Budget Negotiations Continue Beyond Deadline 

On Monday, the legislature met its constitutional deadline to pass and send the Governor a balanced budget by June 15. The framework meets the legal requirements for legislators to continue to be paid their salaries, but it does not represent a fully negotiated deal with the Governor. Many unresolved issues will linger into August, but there is an effort to try to finish some items before the legislature leaves for a one month summer recess in July. The most pressing issue the Governor and Legislature hope to resolve by June 30 is a package that includes relief payments to help Californians who are struggling with rising living expenses and inflation. The Governor proposes to send $400 debit cards to all registered car owners in the state, while the legislature believes that $200 stimulus payments to all California tax payers is more equitable. Once an agreement has been reached, changes to the budget will be made through budget trailer bills. Additional trailer bills dealing with climate, health care, transportation, energy, education, and more are forthcoming.

Climate Campaign

Weideman Group client NextGen California has launched a series of ads highlighting climate change and the leadership the state can take on the topic. The public awareness campaign is part of an effort to elevate the issue of climate change as California leaders determine spending priorities in the state budget.

Assemblymember Alvarez

The Assembly swore in its newest member this week. Democratic Assemblymember David Alvarez will represent Assembly District 80 in San Diego through the end of the 2022 legislative session, completing the term of former Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez. Alvarez will face off against Democratic candidate Georgette Gómez for a full Assembly term this November.

Fined Again

The Public Utilities Commission has fined Pacific Gas & Electric $12 million for mishandling public safety power shut-offs in their efforts to mitigate wildfire ignitions. The PUC found that PG&E violated their guidelines for the shut-offs multiple times by failing to report complaints from the shut-offs and not giving the required advanced notice. Along with the fine, the PUC proposed corrective action for PG&E. Southern California Edison was also fined $10 million and San Diego Gas & Electric was fined $24,000.