It’s Open Enrollment Period for Change in Health Plans
November 13, 2018


From the Managed Care & Insurance Committee

As CalChiro members, you have been receiving regular communications on health plan discrimination of services doctors of chiropractic are legally authorized to provide Californians. CalChiro leadership continues to meet with health plans and policy-makers on this topic, and submit documentation that substantiates these discriminatory practices. CalChiro appreciates your continued submission of redacted claim information (EOB’s and health plan communications) to the CalChiro office. Now – you have an opportunity to engage your patients in assisting in this effort.

The open enrollment period for change in health plans is in effect – 11-01-18 to 12-15-18. During this time frame, Californians will be evaluating health plans, coverage offered and premium costs, and deciding what is the best plan for their particular circumstance. As their health care provider, there is no adverse rationale for advocating through education of your patients by outlining carefully and correctly on reviewing plans that include coverage for services provided by doctors of chiropractic. And, your information may be used by patients to advocate for these benefits to their employer. Your advocacy efforts will assist in removing the barriers that currently exist for access to doctors of chiropractic. This barrier removal will allow patients to have available safe, effective services provided by doctors of chiropractic that reduce the overall cost of health care, but equally important is participating in treatment interventions that reduce the drug-dependence, including opioid dependence by those patients with conditions that treatment interventions provided by doctors of chiropractic excel.

CalChiro has a repository of data and reports that support our inclusion in all health delivery systems. Please contact the CalChiro office at 916.648.2727 if these documents will assist in your advocacy efforts.

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