Important Information Regarding UHC Policy
September 06, 2018


From the Managed Care & Insurance Committee

CalChiro is aware of the United Healthcare (UHC) policy regarding manipulation as an unproven treatment intervention, and the purported denial of services when concurrent manipulation is provided by two separate providers. The Association is monitoring the implementation of these policies, and whether UHC or any of its’ delegated entities will operationalize either of these policies. CalChiro, based on input from a variety of sources, is of the opinion that the practicality of implementation for both policies is challenging. In order to best request removal or modification of these policies, we request CalChiro members forward any UHC or UHC delegated entity claim adjudication (specifically denial of payment), including but not limited to, EOB and any other member or provider communication that shows the implementation of these policies. At that time, CalChiro will initiate discussion with UHC representatives and/or appropriate regulatory agencies. Thank you.

Please forward any UHC documentation or questions to Dawn Benton.

View email here.