• Must be an Active Member in good standing.
  • Experience as a member of the CalChiro Board of Directors preferred
  • Experience as a CalChiro Delegate
  • Presides over meetings of the House of Delegates (meetings held during the association annual conference)
  • Member, CalChiro Board of Directors, and serves as parliamentarian (4 in-person meetings per year + strategic planning session)
  • Serves as a resource to delegates of the CalChiro House of Delegates
  • Represents Delegates’ views during meetings of the Board and Committee on Finance
  • Maintains communication with Delegates before and after meetings of the House of
  • Delegates
  • Appoints Parliamentarian for House of Delegates
  • Appoints the CalChiro Committee on Nominations
  • May serve as liaison to CalChiro Districts, Committees, or Task Forces
  • Attends the Annual Conference, Legislative Day, and other CalChiro activities
  • Convenes Open Forum at the Annual Conference for CalChiro members to discuss issues
  • Tracks and follows recommendations until resolved
  • Communicates outcome of proposals made in timely manner
  • Orients successor in conjunction with EVP/CEO and President
  • Conducts new delegate orientation to the House of Delegates
  • Serves as Board liaison to the Committee on Nominations and attends their meetings in
  • an advisory capacity
  • Coordinates Regional Delegate Conferences (RDC)
  • Assists in promoting the CalChiro-PAC and educating members
  • Attends Orientation for CalChiro Committees and Task Forces, 1 day per year
Time Commitment Estimate
  • The CalChiro Chairperson of the House of Delegates can expect to spend a minimum of 18 – 22 days attending CalChiro related meetings and performing CalChiro activities. 
  • An additional 3 – 4 days could be spent in “optional activities” if scheduling permits.
  • The CalChiro Chairperson of the House of Delegates can expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week reading CalChiro material, preparing for CalChiro activities and communicating with CalChiro members. 
  • Additional concentrated time of 3 hours per week is expected in the months of July-September in preparation for the House of Delegates.
Term of Office
  • Two (2) years; may be elected to a maximum of 3 consecutive terms