Funds Available for Childcare for Essential Workers
Bobby Bramlett


In an effort to help address staffing availability, Governor Newsom allocated $100 million [] in funding to offer subsidized childcare services to essential infrastructure workers (healthcare workers receive priority). Health center staff who meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.


A summary of eligibility and required documentation released by the California Department of Education [] is provided below:  

Emergency Childcare for Healthcare Employees

Health center staff are now eligible to enroll in subsidized Emergency Childcare, if all of the following apply:

  • The family works as an essential worker as defined below []. If the family includes a two-parent household, both parents/caregivers must either be essential workers or the other parent must be unable to provide care for the child due to incapacitation
  • The family requires childcare to perform their essential work
  • The family is not able to complete their work remotely
  • The family assets do not exceed $1,000,000

The following forms must be submitted:

  • COVID-19 Self-Certification Form (PDF) []
  • COVID-19 2020 Confidential Application for Emergency Childcare Services(PDF) []
  • COVID-19 Temporary Waiver Request (PDF) []

Interested health center staff should reach out to their respective Resource and Referral Agency []. These agencies are responsible for providing assistance with finding local emergency childcare services. Additional information and guidance on applying are available through the California Department of Education [] website.