FECA Billing
Federal Employee Billing


FECA Billing has a 20-year history of reviewing and reprocessing federal employee worker’s comp claims accurately. FECA Billing is under contract with the Department of Labor.  Our proprietary software submits electronically to the Department of Labor and pays the medical provider the maximum allowable amount.
FECA Billing has reviewed thousands of medical bills and recovered millions of dollars for medical providers who service Federal Employees.
FECA Billing has found that 90% of all Federal Workers Comp Medical bills do not get paid accurately because of wrong diagnosis codes and CPT codes submitted.  There are millions of dollars to be adjusted on past paid bills.  We can go back seven years to claim these monies for medical providers billing Federal Workers Compensation.
There are NO UPFRONT FEES. Sign up for a free review and find out how much money you qualify to receive.
CalChiro members receive 55% of recovered funds (usually 50%).

Questions? Contact Mike Maddy, FECA Billing Chief Revenue Officer, at 415.712.1333 or schedule a meeting with him directly, HERE