Equipment For Sale/FREE


Northern Los Angeles Weight Loss/Chiropractic office

  • Moving sale of Chiropractic office equipment, furnishings, and cabinetry. 
  • Electric elevation Omni drop table, decompression table, Interferential machine,
  • Ultrasound machine, ATM2 machine. Willing to negotiate some prices.

Amrad X-ray machine - $1,000 (Fountain Valley)

RME-325R   Volts 240 60   HZ 124 Amps

Great for private medical, chiropractic or veterinary practice.
Will work well with new digital imaging cassettes.

Used in chiropractic office. Works great.
No longer take x-rays films.

Moves on a floor rail son can be placed anywhere in a room – not attached to the wall or ceiling.
It runs on a very nice track so do not need a blank wall or ceiling attachment.
Will fit into a small space.
The tube slides high and can be moved out of the way.
Can be put anywhere in the room! Could be good for veterinarians that may need to hold an animal in place from both sides!
All cables and associated equipment included.
Lead aprons, labels, lead movable barrier with lead window, wall cassette holder for digital or film cassettes

Text me: 714-898-515

Post Date: 4.17.22 | Expires: 7.17.22