District of the Year



The CalChiro District of the Year Award is given to the district that has made outstanding accomplishments for the Chiropractic profession and/or fulfillment of CalChiro programs for the year.

Current Recipient

2021: CalChiro- Orange County District

Past Recipient

2020: CalChiro- Orange County District

2019: CalChiro- Orange County District

2018: CalChiro- Orange County District

2017: CalChiro- Orange County District & CCA-San Diego District

2016: CalChiro- Orange County District & CCA-San Diego District

2015: CalChiro-San Diego District

2014: CalChiro-San Diego District

2013: CalChiro-San Diego District

2012: CalChiro-San Diego District

2011: CalChiro- San Fernando Valley District

2010: CalChiro- San Fernando Valley District

2009: CalChiro- Orange County District

2008: CalChiro- Orange County District

2007: CalChiro- Santa Clara County District

2006: CalChiro- San Francisco District

2005: CalChiro- San Fernando Valley District

2004: CalChiro- San Fernando Valley District

2002: CalChiro- San Fernando Valley District