Distinguished Service Award



The award of Distinguished Service is presented to the member who has performed outstanding service within his or her community.

Current Recipient

Paul Hodgson, DC

Past Recipients

2016- Robert Dubro, DC

2015- Richard Clymore, DC

2014- Danny Gambino, DC

2013- Victor Helo, DC

2012- Randal Jones, DC

2011- Robert Dubro, DC

2010- Michael Budincich, DC

2009- Robert Dubro, DC

2008- Duncan McCollum, DC

2007- Heather Dehn, DC

2006- Vernon Englund, DC

2005- Bradley Sullivan, DC

2004- Robert Dubro, DC

2002- Brian Zaleski, DC


If you wish to nominate a CalChiro Member for this award, please fill out the nomination application.