E-billing Service Specializing in Workers' Compensation Billing.


The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) has partnered with DaisyBill. DaisyBill is an e-billing service that specializes in Workers’ Compensation Billing. Our strategic partnership has provided their services to medical professionals across the nation and they are confident that they can improve your billing and collections process.

CalChiro Members receive a 20% discount! 

Even better: No strings attached — you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. Interested?

Join the ranks of work comp professionals who use DaisyBill to make their billing lives easier.

For more information, contact Sarah Moray at smoray@daisybill.com

Client Testimonials:

They respond to questions almost faster than we can ask them! We’re extremely happy with DaisyBill as a billing agent. Ebilling has cut down on our payment timelines by weeks in many cases and the clear documentation DaisyBill keeps for each bill sent has reduced a lot of hassle for our collections team.
– Julie C., practice management service

“Moving from a paper system to DaisyBill is like going from the stone age to the space age. Our collections are up 80%, and payments now roll in within weeks as opposed to months.”
– John A., MD, impairment rating specialist

You continue to amaze me with your innovation and efficiency and your continued support to the workers comp medical professional. DaisyBill has consistently evolved to keep up with this changing industry and I personally would not be capable of performing my job in such a high capacity without you!
– Daphne C., medical evaluations practice

Fascinating Fine Print:

  • This offer is only available to the practitioners and organizations of the California Chiropractic Association members to whom we sent the sale email –it cannot be transferred, sold, or otherwise passed along; nor is it available to current billing clients. Sorry!
  • $600 Success Training required. We train your team on everything about workers’ comp billing, not just our software.
  • 1-on-1 training sessions with a workers’ comp expert, including setting up workflows to help organize your practice.
  • Audit of your organization’s workers’ comp billing process.
  • Applying best practices to your process, such as building in time-saving functionality based on your practice needs.
  • Trouble-shooting problem areas and non-compliant billing.
  • And, of course, training your administrative, billing, and collection staff to use DaisyBill like a pro, for easier, faster, workers’ comp billing.
  • To the extent you choose to use the following optional functionality, normal fees apply: 
  • Requests for Authorizations – $1.00 per submission plus $0.10 per each page exceeding 10 pages.
  • Bill Forwarding – $1.00 per submission plus $0.10 per each page exceeding 10 pages.
  • Mail submissions invoiced for postage.

For more information, contact Sarah Moray at smoray@daisybill.com