COVID-19 Chiropractic Resources
Best Practice Academy


As healthcare providers, you selflessly serve humanity. And from time to time we as clinicians find ourselves in the midst of public health crisis. Today is such a time.

COVID-19 has affected not only how you care for patients, but also to you as you operate a clinical business.

It leaves chiropractic practices asking questions like:

  • What do I need to know about this pandemic?
  • What should I do in response for my patients, my staff, and my practice?
  • What is our clinic’s policy regarding disease control?
  • How should we train our staff?
  • How does patient care change?
  • Should we close our doors?
  • What should we communicate to our community/our patients about our practice’s policy regarding COVID-19?
  • As you work the frontlines, providing care, serving your patients and your community, we want to help.

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