Chiropractic and Pandemic Fatigue Syndrome
Dr. Daniel Smith - December 9, 2020


Are you feeling stressed, isolated or burned out? Maybe you’re facing an  increase in chronic pain during these uncertain times?  If so, you may be experiencing some version of Pandemic Fatigue Syndrome. 

“Pandemic Fatigue” is a catchall phrase to encapsulate what many people  are feeling—a mental and physical health tipping point. As reported in The New York Times, “Adverse mental health effects are linked to being in a  chronically stressful situation, especially for people whose lives have been  severely disrupted by illness, financial stress or essential work” (October 23,  2020). 

I see it in my practice as more and more patients are suffering both  physically and emotionally. One of my patients has been impacted with  tension headaches and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) distress.  Also, she  had an increase in back pain with her work transitioning to all-day virtual  meetings on Zoom. 

How stress affects human health 

The current global health crisis has resulted in profound changes in our  everyday lives, causing many of us to be in a state of chronic stress.   Unfortunately, long-term exposure to stress negatively affects our body’s  homeostasis (the body’s ability to maintain and heal itself). Humans rely on  homeostasis to keep their core temperature hovering around 98.6  Fahrenheit, so that their bodies can maintain proper function and balance.  From fighting off infections to keeping cool on a warm day, homeostasis  helps ensure the body stays healthy. But how does the body know to  sustain these optimal levels? It does so through its nervous system. 

How does chiropractic care fit in? 

Chiropractic care is founded upon the principle that the body’s innate  recuperative power is affected by and integrated through the nervous  system. According to science: it takes nerves to have optimal health; literal  nerves (your entire nervous system). Chiropractors are experts in adjusting  spinal subluxations (a slight misalignment of the vertebrae) that restore

normal nerve function in the body, preserving homeostasis. Consider these  facts:  

FACT: Homeostatic is the health maintenance system of the body governed by the nervous system. 

FACT: Alterations in the state and function of the nervous system  influences homeostasis. A healthy nervous system is fundamental to  optimal health and wellness. 

Chiropractic care can boost your nervous system function, preserving  homeostasis, to help relieve and prevent symptoms of Pandemic Fatigue Syndrome.  Thus, to become truly optimally healthy, we must consider the  wellness of our nervous system.   

We recommend common-sense practices (masks, social distancing, hand  washing.  Please be reassured that the International, American, and  California Chiropractic Associations recommend chiropractors follow the  latest CDC Guidelines, Healthcare Facilities: Managing Operations During  the COVID-19 Pandemic, Updated June 28, 2020 


Be good to yourself…  

Dr. Daniel S. Smith, DC 


ATT: CalChiro Members Sample: Tele-med Chiropractic Sessions. Starting  December 15, 2020, Dr. Dan is offering 50-minute no-contact, HIPAA  compliant, Chiropractic sessions for those who prefer to stay at home. For  more information email Dr. Dan Smith, DC, at (subject line Telehealth Session). 

Disclaimer: The International (ICA), American (ACA) and California Chiropractic Associations  (CalChiro) recognize that COVID-19 has been declared as a global pandemic while providing clear  guidance that no claims may be asserted that chiropractic is a prophylactic or cure for COVID 19. The virus is so new, that no studies have been conducted evaluating the immune response of COVID-19 patients to chiropractic adjustments. Additionally, each association has posted to  follow the CDC guidelines in each chiropractor’s office during this pandemic.