Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (ACE)
The New Patient Experience


Not only will Kim Klapp be sharing how to plug the holes in the practice “bucket,” but will also teach your team how to put the extra in extraordinary with their mindset, phone skills, communication, systems, and throughout every step of the new patient experience.

Now is a FABULOUS time to get your practice on track to reach unprecedented levels of success!

Dr. Tom & Kim Klapp share all their systems which are consistently honed and updated for today’s practice environment. Dr. Tom has been in practice for 40 years; Kim has been running it for 25 years…that’s a ton of combined experience which continues to evolve every day!

Over the past year, they’ve embraced brain-based chiropractic as the gold standard for patient education starting on visit 1. They’ve created the patient communication and practice systems that translate brain-based chiropractic care into higher retention, referrals and collections.

In this month’s CA Excellence Coaching Course on “The Extraordinary New Patient Experience,” Kim will cover the incredible systems she’s developed to enhance retention and referrals while preventing miscommunications and effectively dealing with the misconceptions that cause new patients to quit care unnecessarily.

This 1-hour video presentation is available online so your entire team can access it however and whenever it’s convenient for them as often as they need 24/7 NOW until the end of the month. You won’t find a better program to train, inspire and equip your CAs to build your practice…guaranteed.

This month’s course materials is over 80 pages with all the tools & scripts you need to easily implement their success strategies in downloadable files, including their completely updated new patient video and welcome booklet.

Join today for $177 per month and get access to important training that will keep your team motivated, invigorated, and focused on improving your practice. Membership includes UNLIMITED SUPPORT with Kim and/or Dr. Tom Klapp so there’s no way for you to fail. The sooner you register, the longer you will have access to this month’s online course 24/7; give your CAs the training, tools and systems to increase your practice success!

Here’s what’s coming up in the next few months:

  • August: The Extraordinary New Patient Experience
  • September: Doctor’s Report & Second Visit Strategies for Amazing Retention
  • October: Increasing Patient Payments with Effective Financial Consultations
  • November: Practice-Building Appointment & Recall Systems


If after participating in your first course, you decide that it wasn’t worth the price you paid, you’ll get your entire tuition back. There’s nothing to lose. Just notify Kim in writing within 7 days.

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Feel free to contact Kim Klapp directly! She founded Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence in 2000, and has been running Dr. Tom’s successful practice since 1995.

An author and coach, Kim has spoken for LifeVision, ChiroEurope, ICA, Parker, the Wave, Master’s Circle, Chiro-Destiny, Five Star and a multitude of state associations.

Phone: 734-320-5058
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