April 23, 2022
Weideman Group Weekly


Assemblymember-Elect Haney

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney will become the newest legislator in the Assembly after winning the runoff special election against David Campos earlier this week. Haney received 62% of the votes cast and will succeed David Chiu who vacated the seat after being appointed to serve as San Francisco’s City Attorney. Assemblymember-Elect Haney is expected to be sworn in as soon as the election results are certified.

Senate’s Climate Legislation

California Senate Democrats have introduced legislation to enhance California’s zero carbon goals. The Clean Energy, Jobs, and Affordability Act of 2022 will add a 90% zero carbon electric sector target for 2035, require all state agencies to purchase 100% zero carbon electricity to serve their needs by 2030, establish a climate and equity trust fund and more. SB 1020 is scheduled to be heard on April 26 in the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee.

COVID-19 Updates

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board voted to extend mandatory pay for employees sent home for COVID-19 related reasons — it was set to expire in May. The extension lasts until the end of the year. On the federal side, a judge in Florida has overturned the federal travel mask mandate. The ruling immediately lifts the requirement that masks be worn on planes, trains, and buses in the U.S. The Biden Administration has stated that “public health decisions shouldn’t be made by the courts” and that they plan to appeal the decision. While COVID-19 cases remain low, there has been a slight uptick in cases nationwide.

Monthly Cash Report

The Department of Finance has released their latest financial bulletin. Revenues for the month of March came in $199 million below projections, ending a months-long streak of projection breaking revenues. To date, the state has collected $17.35 billion above fiscal projections for the year. Additionally, the unemployment rate dropped from 5.3% in February to 4.9% in March, and the state added 60,200 jobs.