Application Process
Deadline for 2022 Recognition - February 1, 2022


Members of the CalChiro Board of Directors are not eligible to apply during their term of office.

Those interested in becoming a candidate may download documents from the FCCA webpage

Specific eligibility criteria, guidelines on interpretation for those criteria, and any additional pertinent information shall be included with the application.

All completed applications will remain confidential. Materials submitted in support of a candidate’s bid for recognition status shall not be received by anyone other than the members of the FCCA Recognition Committee or others involved in the review process.

Only information requested in the application will be received by the FCCA Recognition Committee. Additional information such as samples of published work, etc. will not be considered.

Completed applications, including all supporting materials that address the specific criteria outlined for recognition status, are returned to the CalChiro Office no later than February 1. Only information contained in the application will be considered. The applicant has the burden of establishing that the criteria have been met. An application may be amended, expanded, or supplemented at any time until it is submitted to the FCCA Recognition Committee; thereafter, no changes can be made.

The FCCA Recognition Committee renders its decision based only on the application materials and the criteria for recognition.

The candidate will be notified of the FCCA Recognition Committee decision following approval by the CalChiro Board of Directors.