Message From the President
Dr. Danny Gambino


Fear of Being All In

My new chiropractic intern was asked to call around for quotes for old x-ray disposal. She got a few quotes and we took the highest paying one (they offered $1.05/pound of film).

When the two guys in a van showed up without a dolly, I was skeptical. I’m a trusting person, so went with it. And those two guys absconded with over 600 pounds of my film, never to be heard from or found again.

I was hurt, embarrassed, and cynical. “People suck” I thought. “I’m never doing that again.”

I hear this several times a month from people in my community when tasked about previous chiropractic experience: “I went to a chiropractor once and (insert negative response) and I’ll never go back to one.” I am sure you have heard this too.

Sometimes I’ll ask a series of questions that unfold like this:

“Do you ever go out to eat?”


“Have you ever had a terrible meal, terrible service or spent too much money?”

(Chuckling), “Yes!”

“Did you ever go out to eat after that?”

“Yes, of course.”

But you lump all chiropractic experiences in the same pile…


Now to my point. Some folks have a preconceived notions about what chiropractic or their state association is all about. With CalChiro going through massive restructuring, staffing, district officer changes, new lobby firm, new accounting firm, new member dues structure (lower!), etc., etc., it’s easy to become hardened to the fact that it’s not the way it used to be. With so many changes, much uncertainty is inevitable, and along with uncertainty can come fear; with fear can come inaction and with inaction can come justification. So we have spectators in the stands who are paralyzed by fear and who ultimately are not getting what they want because they are not in the game!

It’s natural and normal to be skeptical. It’s NOT natural or normal to remain that way when there exists an organization that needs you, wants you and frankly, you need.

“What have you done for me?” is the lamentation of the disaffected chiropractor who expects the state of the profession to change for sixty bucks a month.  It’s just not happening. Now, it CAN and will happen with 6,000 members paying sixty bucks a month. Members will always carry the burden of the non-member on their backs. It is this way in all organizations.

As previous Membership Chair, I have seen CalChiro make mistakes. As a practicing chiropractor and entrepreneur, I too, have made mistakes. But I’m still in business. Making course corrections is part of life.

There comes a time when we must surrender our ego for the vision of liberty, freedom and the protection of what is naturally ours. CalChiro is the only organization set up to protect our scope, fight back the creeping tentacle of bureaucratic snares, increase our clinical skills and our professional relevance in the mind of the public despite massive opposition. It is tricky to navigate the complexities of our profession while making a difference in the world. This is not a time when chiropractors should be at each other’s’ throats. The time for in-fighting has concluded and now dawns the era of collaboration and commitment to the one, basic, fundamental, underlying truth: that we offer an approach to a sick, dying and overly medicated public that is safe, effective, natural, patient centered and affordable. We are the solution to many of the ailments plaguing society today. But this will never happen without your input, your engagement, your energy, time or resources. We can help you find a place to “do you”.

As the new President of the California Chiropractic Association, I represent our members as well as non members. Like it or not, I represent the face and voice of the chiropractic profession in the state. We are the largest chiropractic state and our voice is heard by many. Will you have a say? Will you join the fight against tyranny and injustice? Will you enter the field of play? Can you still act despite being fearful? I hope so. Together we can accomplish more.