AB 888


Last year, CalChiro partnered with Assembly Member Evan Low, Chair of the Assembly Business & Professions Committee, to address the ongoing opioid epidemic facing our state and nation. We introduced AB 888 (Low), to require prescribers to discuss the risks associated with opioids with their patients prior to issuing a first prescription, obtain a written and verbal consent, and require disclosure on the availability of non-pharmacological treatments for pain, such as chiropractic services, along with an offer of a referral to such treatments. It was a huge sign of confidence in our profession and an acknowledgment of all your hard work supporting the bill when the Assembly passed AB 888 on a 68 to 0 vote despite the opposition of politically powerful organizations as the California Medical Association.

This year, we have been poised to move AB 888 out of the Senate and to the Governor for enactment. COVID-19 has changed these plans. Once the virus hit, the Legislature immediately recessed for safety and public health reasons. The Senate is set to return to work nearly two months later, but leadership has made the decision to hold bills that are not designed to address the COVID-19 crisis. In order to stay focused on the pandemic and the economic devastation it is causing the state, the Senate is asking members to hold off on non-COVID bills. Only a few exceptions are being made — a handful of bills, for example, that are addressing the wildfire or homelessness crises may move forward this year.

Out of respect for the Legislature’s desire to limit non-COVID bills, Assembly Member Low has recommended that we hold off on AB 888. We want to respect that decision and the unique circumstances we are facing as a state. Even though AB 888 will not be moving forward, we are exploring other avenues to advance the policy, including potential reintroduction in December or a regulatory pathway. Assembly Member Low has reiterated that he remains committed to assist in any efforts we take. We appreciate your continued support and advocacy on behalf of the profession and AB 888. And stay tuned on our plan to continue the fight.