Legislative Action


Priority Legislation

CalChiro staff, The Weideman Group, and our Governmental Affairs Committee worked diligently vetting legislative proposals for 2018. We started by determining our strategic objectives and built our package from that foundation. 

In 2018, CalChiro is actively supporting legislation and building strong relationships at the State Capitol.



California Senate Resolution No. 68 – Drug Abuse
Adopted in the Senate August 31, 2017 and in the Assembly September 12, 2017

CalChiro, led by the Santa Clara District, worked to successfully pass SCR 68 – a California Senate Resolution focused on raising awareness of drug abuse. The month of September 2017 was designated Opioid, Heroin, Fentanyl, and Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Month. Additionally, each year, a week in September is designated as national Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week.


CalChiro is Actively Engaging on the Following Bills

SUPPORT – AB 1751, as introduced, Low. Controlled substances: CURES database. This bill would authorize the Department of Justice to enter into an agreement with an entity operating an interstate data share hub for the purposes of participating in interjurisdictional information sharing between prescription drug monitoring programs across state lines.