Key Doctor Program


Key Doctor Program

The Key Doctor Program is a central component of the Governmental Affairs Department. This grassroots program is designed to educate the legislature about the profession and scope of doctors of chiropractic; establish and maintain positive relationships with legislators; and provide information to the Governmental Affairs Department and CalChiro District presidents regarding legislative concerns. 

The Key Doctor will act as a contact liaison between his or her assigned legislator/s, CalChiro staff and his or her local CalChiro district president.  CalChiro Governmental Affairs Department will provide all Key Doctors a grassroots-training manual that will assist them in effective grassroots lobbying techniques.

The Key Doctor Program Committee Chairperson in conjunction with the Governmental Affairs Committee Chairperson appoints Key Doctors. The goal of the Key Doctor Program is to have at least one doctor of chiropractic assigned to each legislator.

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Key Doctor Training Manual

Organizations such as the California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) that are successful at influencing policy-makers frequently increase their effectiveness through the mobilization of local community support, commonly known as working at the grassroots.

The central reality for chiropractic in California is that it is a legislated profession. Government has a dramatic impact on you personally – as a chiropractor, as a small businessperson, and as a Californian.

However, you have the power to shape government actions affecting your profession. Your power stems from your ability to influence opinion leaders and public officials and the decisions they make. It may be, however, that you are not aware of your own strength because you have never exercised it.

You already have considerable clout. You are one of your community’s respected health care professionals. You may be a member or leader of an important community organization. It is likely that you are a friend or neighbor of key community leaders. All of those connections in your community make you a valuable resource for yourself and your profession.

This manual details the tools available to the chiropractic profession collectively, and you individually, to affect those outcomes. It also suggests things you can do to assist CalChiro by representing the profession in your community.

Contained in our  are practical steps for grassroots action in your community and ways to work on behalf of candidates for public office. It provides specific information on how you can make a difference for your practice, for your patients, and for your CalChiro. 

Grassroots/Key Doctor Training Guide

Key Doctor Essentials

Overview Of The Legislative Process

Legislative Process Flow Chart

Key Doctor Webinar 10.2.18

Key Doctor Program

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Key Doctor Program

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Discussion Points for Candidates

Endorsement Questions for Candidates (Fillable)

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Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 115

Opioid Use Among Veterans

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