HOD Chair


Request from HOD Chair for Assistance with Professional Policies

It is my pleasure to tell you all that we had a very successful inaugural House of Delegates meeting! Despite having to do it virtually and on two different days we had engaged delegates and robust conversations.

With that said, I wanted to take a moment to present a call to action that came out of our HOD meeting.

We voted to form committees to review two different policies:


Letter from the House of Delegates Chair

For those who don’t know me, my name is Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer (Hay-Fer), my friends call me Liz. I am excited to step into the new role as Chair of the House of Delegates for CalChiro. I served locally in the Orange County District as Secretary and then as President beginning in 2011. With the help of many dedicated volunteers, we have grown the district and implemented systems that are repeatable and successful. This has allowed our district to be voted District of the Year four years in a row. I believe in collaboration and inspiring people to work together.


CalChiro Announces the Election of its First House of Delegates Chair!
Congratulations to Elizabeth Hoefer DC

Dr. Elizabeth Hoefer was elected by the 2019-20 CalChiro Board of Directors to lead this effort of creating a House of Delegates structure within CalChiro on January 24, 2020.

Dr. Hoefer will serve a two-year term beginning January 2020 and ending with the 2021 House of Delegates Meetings. In this capacity, she also sits on the CalChiro Board of Directors.