Virtual Vendor Friday with Medical Lien Recovery


Michael Coates, Esq., Founder & President
David LeFevre, Chief Technology Officer
& Robin Abrams, Chief Operating Officer

CalChiro is excited to present this week’s Virtual Vendor Friday with Medical Lien Recovery (MLR). Michael Coates, Founder and President of MLR, believes providers face an unfair dynamic when accepting patients on a lien basis in personal injury (PI) matters, and that must change. Since 2012, Michael has championed on behalf of Chiropractors through in-depth education, continuous support and devoted advocacy. With MLROutsource, lien negotiations is made easy — we do it for you.
MLR offers more.  We know sometimes you want to do it yourself, rather than outsource services.  We developed the free MLRPortal where you gain the knowledge and get the tools and resources to change the dynamic, reduce the stress, and improve your bottom line.
During this presentation, you will learn:

About MLROutsource and how we negotiate for improved bill payments getting many of our clients 100% of their bills in PI, even when being asked to accept pennies on the dollar. Michael will give you a sneak peak on how we are so successful in this area and are the undisputed leader in this field.

About the free MLRPortal. If you have a great staff, but they need improved skills and knowledge, we’ll teach them how to get faster and higher bill payments. We’ll also give you a guided back-of-the-house online tour of the MLR Portal during this session.

You will learn you actually don’t have to choose, as you can actually do both depending upon the law firms, your needs and timing.

MLR’s giveaway during this presentation is one that doesn’t come in a gift card or a box. We offer all our tips, tools and resources for FREE to CalChiro Members and non-members during this business slowdown. You may have heard about our “Wine with Mike” monthly sessions with guests in all aspects of not just the lien area, but all kinds of business aspects of small medical practices in order to not just survive, but thrive.
It is our hope that we can be the change-makers. Sign up for the Virtual Vendor Friday, meet some of your MLR Team, and get started Doing Business Better in Personal Injury!

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