CalChiro Fellows Program


CalChiro Fellows Program – NEW!
Launching in 2020!

A candidate achieving recognition shall be designated a “Fellow of CalChiro” (FCCA).

The CalChiro FCCA Recognition Program serves the following purposes:
  • To recognize excellence in chiropractic practice in all settings; and

  • To grant recognition and to promote public awareness of chiropractors who have distinguished themselves within CalChiro.

The 2020 class of CalChiro Fellows will be awarded their status at the 2020 Fall Conference in San Diego. 

Application Process
Deadline for 2020 Recognition - February 1, 2020

Members of the CalChiro Board of Directors are not eligible to apply during their term of office.

Those interested in becoming a candidate may download documents from the FCCA webpage (coming soon).

Specific eligibility criteria, guidelines on interpretation for those criteria, and any additional pertinent information shall be included with the application.


Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Application

Current practitioner member in good standing with continuous membership in CalChiro for at least ten (10) years, and 

At least ten (10) years of professional service to chiropractic practice. For the purposes of this program, the ten year period starts from the time of licensure. It must be met prior to the application deadline; and

A record of outstanding service to the profession through contribution to Calchiro.


Additional Eligibility Requirements for Application

In addition to the minimum eligibility requirements, there are other criteria that determine eligibility for Fellowship. These are not mutually exclusive of the above minimum criteria. Candidates are accepted for Fellowship based upon demonstration of meeting the minimum eligibility requirements and a combination of the following additional criteria. Successful candidates will have demonstrated achievement in at least three of these criteria: